Capt. John Gadzinski, President, Four Winds Consulting LLC

John received his degree from Boston University in 1986 and entered the US Navy where he flew the F-14 during two combat tours, served as an advanced training instructor in the A-4 Skyhawk, and as a senior landing signals officer aboard the USS Eisenhower, finishing his career with 322 carrier landings.  In 1996 he was hired by Southwest Airlines and worked as a volunteer for the Southwest Airlines Pilots Association (SWAPA), taking part in numerous safety disciplines including several NTSB investigations.  He served as Air Safety Chairman for SWAPA and then as Director of Safety for the Coalition of Airline Pilot Associations (CAPA) where he coordinated the safety policies and directed the national conferences for approximately 28,000 professional pilots. In 2009 John founded Four Winds Consulting where he specializes in the unique challenges of hazard identification and safety management.

John was the first instructor to formally train the Southwest Pilot Association departments involved in ASAP and FOQA in Safety Management Systems. His unique research into human factors and safety theory has been featured at the International Society of Air Safety Investigators, the International Symposium on Aviation Psychology, and the Flight Safety Foundation. He holds a certification in aviation safety and security from the University of Southern California and served on several FAA rulemaking committees and activities.  John is a founding member of the International Friction Pavement Association where he specializes in education and training for runway safety and aircraft performance.

Founding member



Dr. Rachel Bleier, Four Winds Consulting LLC

Dr. Bleier received her doctorate in clinical psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2011 with over 3,300 hours of direct clinical experience. Her dissertation titled “Exploring the Development of a Psychological Fitness for Duty Protocol for Flight Attendants” researched professional airline cabin crew evaluation procedures.

Dr. Bleier has also been a flight attendant since 1998. She is a member and team base coordinator of the Southwest Airlines Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) Team, which provides crisis intervention and peer support following work place critical incidents.

Dr. Bleier’s research interests draw heavily on her expertise in both the mental health and aviation industries. She joined Four Winds Consulting in 2012 and provides expertise in human factors related to aviation safety as well as advanced academic research for commercial product development and core research.